Licensing Meeting

Problem Statements

  1. Allowing the LDC’s resources to be made available on the LAPPS Grid is a top priority.
  2. Code changes are required to the Service Manager to address the LDC’s requirements.
  3. We can’t wait for changes to the Service Manager.

Meeting Topics

  1. Licensing Workflow
    • Jonathan to provide a recap of the LDC licensing workflow.
    • Dimensions: How many do we need?
  2. Infrastructure
    • LDC already has an authorization/authentication system in place.
      • What does the LDC use internally?
      • How do we expose this to the world?
    • LDC must be able to provide authorizations token for whatever system we implement.
    • How do other LAPPS services use this?
    • What changes to the JSON formats are required?
  3. Quick and Dirty Prototype
    • Can we:
      • authorize at the LDC
      • run a protected service at the ANC
      • prevent an unauthorized user from running a protected service
        • unregistered user
        • user with incorrect permissions


  1. Can we distinguish between transformative uses and derivative uses.
  2. Should services be required to state if they create transformative or derivative uses?

Possible Technologies

The following are the technologies currently being investigated with some links to interesting articles.




  1. An Oasis standard
  2. Seems to be very SOAP and Java-centric
  3. Several years old but does not seem to have much traction.


  1. Creating a road map is the #1 work item for this meeting.