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LAPPS Live Site

The overview Marc produced is a start but does not prioritize nor set deadlines. I propose we follow the task timeline below. This puts some items at lower priority and tries to take advantage of what we have to work with now. This way, we very quickly get a rough cut at something that we can improve.


(1) April 1: The following available (not live but at a universally accessible URL):


This is effectively what we showed last year in Reykjavik. Keith says this is doable by April 1.

(2) April 15

(3) April 30

Eventual functionality available on the site (low priority items are simply those we do not focus on first, but are necessary for going live) :

Here is the current incomplete understanding on what would be needed for this.

Basic Services

To be made availabe on LAPPSGrid:


Showing available services on website

Need list of services, but want to show these from outside the service manager. (low priority)

Not sure how to access those directly from the service manager database.

For now, it would be acceptable to scrape all the end points from the service managers and store them separately.

Need to create a page that displays these services, possibly grouped under what kind of data they produce and require.

Running a service from a webpage

One complication here is that you cannot just run any service on raw input, a pos tagger may require split input for example. So this would almost require the code that we have talked about before, namely the pipeline planner.

In general, we need to come up with a functionaly specification of a library that facilitates composition and planning, including perhaps the functionality mentioned above:

Evaluating the results of a service

Di is working on an evaluation service that takes a JSON structure with both system and gold data as well as some configuration parameters. The result is another JSON structure with evaluation data in an added view.

This service needes to be used somehow and accessed by web-based script.

Service composition

Given that we have a library as specified before, we could slap any interface on top of that. It could be Di’s composer or something else. Instead of drag and drop it could be done with checkboxes, or defined by a goal as specified by the user (backward chaining). Not sure what the most convincing interface would be.

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