LAPPS Technical Meeting Summary

Date October 2-3, 2014
Place Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY


  1. Keith Suderman
  2. Di Wang
  3. Marc Verhagen
  4. Chunqi Shi
  5. Nancy Ide



Issues discussed:

  1. Implementing the licensing model(s) proposed by the LDC will be relatively easy.
  2. The major hurdle is that user authentication and authorization is handled by the Service Grid.
  3. To achieve the level of control we require necessitates code changes to the Service Grid software.
  4. We cannot rely on changes to the ServiceGrid software and will have to find an ad-hoc solution.
    • WS-Security, WS-Federation
      These are Oasis standards but do not seem to have much traction.
    • OAuth
      While not discussed at the meeting, oauth looks promising.

Given our time constraints we did not bring Jonathan in on a Skype call. Marc will Skype in when Jonathan visits Vassar.

Naming Things


All URI should use the base URI

Content-type Discriminators

These should be replaced with URI:


URI should not include version numbers. Note this is just for URI used in the vocabulary. URLs for services will likely contain version numbers.

We reserve the right to change this practice and introduce URIs with version numbers in them. However, no other projects seem to include version numbers in URIs.

URI for things with a URI

For consistency, all URI used in the LAPPS vocabulary should use as the base URI.

Options that were considered:

  1. Use separate subdomains for major distinctions:
  2. Use a single subdomain and use path segments for major distictions:

While option #2 allows a greater possibility for naming conflicts, for example if we later need an annotations named schema or ns, it was the preferred option.


Proposal so far

  1. Always require a Markable annotation.
  2. start and end features are not required on Markable annotations.
  3. Markables may contains features and metadata

The Service Grid

We need to contact Yohei/Toru regarding changes to the Service Grid to meet our requirements.

  1. Enforcing licensing contraints
  2. Using third party authentication services (i.e. LDC)
  3. Native support to register REST services.


  1. Release stable(-ish) versions of LAPPS modules.
  2. Start running the Service Manager and LAPPS services on https://

Work Items


  1. Update JSON-LD context
  2. Refactor discriminator URI used to reflect latest decisions
  3. Ensure all values used are URI
  4. Ensure URI are defined in the JSON-LD context
  5. Remove version numbers from URI
  6. Refactor discriminators - replace content-types with URI.
  7. Update GATE and Stanford services
  8. Update MASC DataSource


  1. Example JSON-LD for Phrase Structures.
  2. Referencing ID values in other views.
  3. Dependencies in LIF


  1. Update OpenNLP services
  2. BRAT
  3. Explore simplifying JSONPath


  1. Simple service discovery.
    • Query Service Manager for available services.
    • Maintain list as services are registered.


  1. Follow up with Steve Cassidy.


  1. Write SOAP service wrapper for REST services.

Outstanding Items

  1. Roadmap
  2. Licenses.