No documentation available. We first need to get everything on the latest service manager.

Creating a lappsgrid with galaxy-appliances

Using ansible

Like bash scripts but more portable.


This is an in-progress pipe dream.

Conda and the Galaxy toolshed

We are not using those excapt tht we have one tool on the toolshed to prove we can do it.

Using Jupyter


Both are Groovy DSLs.

LSD - Lapps Services DSL, a DSL for invoking LAPPS web services (possibly pipelined).

The code base for LSD is at https://github.com/lappsgrid-incubator/org.anc.lapps.dsl

LDDL - LAPPS Database Definition Language

Configuration scripts for the LAPPS grid at https://github.com/lappsgrid-incubator/org.anc.lapps.lddl

LDDL scripts at https://github.com/lappsgrid-incubator/lddl-scripts

http://www.lappsgrid.org/software/ has some notes on LDDL and LSD

Description of LDDL: http://www.lappsgrid.org/software/lddl/

There is an outdated wiki at https://github.com/ksuderman/lsd-scripts/wiki


Where are all the repositories, what do they do and what is their role in the bigger picture?