Current Docker Images

The following Docker images are available on GitHub.

  1. lappsgrid/ubuntu : Docker image based on Ubuntu 14.04 with Java 7 and Postgres 9.3 included. Also includes emacs, nano, zip, wget, and curl.
  2. lappsgrid/tomcat : Includes Tomcat 7 in the lappsgrid/ubuntu image
  3. lappsgrid/service-manager : Extends the lappsgrid/ubuntu image with a Service Manager installation. Also includes the LSD and the LDDL interpreter for configuring services in the service manager. However, the actual LDDL initialization scripts are include in the packages below.
  4. lappsgrid/brandeis : Docker image of the Brandeis processing node.
  5. lappsgrid/vassar : Docker image of the Brandeis processing node.
  6. lappsgrid/gigaword : A Docker image that provides Gigaword as a DataSource service. NOTE The image does not container Gigaword. The Gigaword corpora must in an externally mounted VOLUME the container can read to serve files.
  7. lappsgrid/oaqa : Docker image with running the OAQA EvaluationService.
  8. lappsgrid/galaxy : Docker image with the LAPPS Galaxy instance. Two versions of the lappgrid/galaxy image is available; one that calls services on the Brandies, CMU, and Vassar nodes, and another that calls the services running in the Docker containers.