Specifications for the LAPPS Interchange Format

These pages contain a general overview of the LAPPS Interchange Format (LIF), which is the JSON-LD format used to transport data between LAPPS services. In addition, there are several sections with examples for a range of linguistic categories.

The current JSON schema for LIF are at http://vocab.lappsgrid.org/schema/lif-schema.json and determine part of the syntactic shape of LIF. These specifications often refer to elements of the LAPPS Web Services Exchange Vocabulary (also named WSEV or simply the vocabulary), available at http://vocab.lappsgrid.org.

Open issues are indicated in boxes with red dotted borders.

Table of contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Tokens and tags
  3. Chunks and Named Entities
  4. Coreference
  5. Phrase structure
  6. Dependency structure