Installing a LAPPS Grid

This page is an entry point to all pages related to installation of a working LAPPS Grid. The Overview page describes the LAPPS Universe and has links to technical details and to the other topics in the list below. You will notice that some pages are in a reasonable shape while others appear to be unhinged notes to self, this will get better over time.

page description
Overview Overview of all components involved in a LAPPS Grid.
Service Manager Installing the service manager on an Ubuntu machine.
Services Creating services for the LAPPS Grid.
Galaxy Setting up the LAPPS/Galaxy frontend.
Authorization Using tokens for autorized access to data services.
Docker Creating and using Docker images that contain the LAPPS Grid.
Jetstream Running the LAPPS Grid on Jetstream.
Amazon Web Services Running the LAPPS Grid on Amazon Web Services.
Other Various other relevant thingies.